Laravel – After login, how to change default redirect to home page

After successful authentication of a user, they are authenticated to /home. /home is the default path which is set by Laravel 5.2/5.3, you can change this by updating redirectTo property in below files:


protected $redirectTo = '/home';


protected $redirectTo = '/home';


if (Auth::guard($guard)->check()) {
return redirect('/home');

How to 301 redirect from www domain to non www domain using htaccess

Enable mod_rewrite module in apache.

Setting the “RewriteBase /”, sets the base of the URL to “/”

Replace with your website domain name.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]

Challenges for a startup working in IT Service Model

I started IdeaCarve technologies in 2010 with a motto to offer web application development services to the clients. Since most of the projects I did were small to medium, these projects expected my personal attention and I had to invest time, money and energy into each of them.

Same attention as bigger project:

A service project needs a Project Manager to manage it, a QA engineer to test it, and an engineer to develop it. Also, we need to consistently source the requirements from the client alongside the development. After the project’s development, the QA engineer will raise bugs, if any, and resolve it.

Need to remember the legacy business logic of the project:

Usually, the lifetime value of the customer is short owing to the duration of the project being done. The project receives its remuneration upon completion and reception by the client. However, having this problem solved, another one arises. We still need to continue to pay engineers and the project manager their every month’s salaries, which in turn forces us to hunt for new projects.

Big Trap:

A bigger trap here is in increasing the number of resources that would help us in delivering more service projects and generate more revenue. After the completion of these projects, the cycle repeats itself and adds on to our existing cost. It is, in fact, not a very sustainable business model.

Dependency on human resources :

After a few months after the project is completed, some clients might ask us to do small changes, which may as well be worth 2 hours, but for an engineer who has to look back and remember the business logic of this service project as conducted before, it needs QA and the same amount of effort.

If an engineer who had a domain expertise of this service project leaves the organization, life becomes more tough because you need to again spend money and time in training new resources. If the client requests us for a small modification, say, after a year, we need to hire an engineer, train him/her on the legacy code. Added to this, the return from such a service project is less if the customer lifetime value is small.

My final words about switch to a Product model –

When you invest time, money and energy in a scalable product idea, there is only one legacy business logic. Make this product sustainable, and the revenue shall pour in.

These learning helped me to create focused on entertainment industry and focused on education industry

Thanks for Sujith V, and Shamanth M for reading drafts of this.

Failure always has a hidden Hint

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in life from entrepreneurship is that failure always leaves a hidden hint.

I have heard this quote “failure is key to success” for many times, but seldom had I realized how it would lead to success.

Every time I experienced failure, it always left me with one of the two contexts –

  1. Stress and Regret for my failure
  2. Hint to resolve this failure which could as well be the key to my success.

#1 is the default context I had usually operated from, owing to the frequent failures I had had in the last three years of my startup journey, which has changed my brain pattern to shift from #1 to #2.

How did this shift happen? I believe it is the acceptance of failures, with a constant drive of perseverance and passion towards the ideas for my startup.