Failure always has a hidden Hint

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in life from entrepreneurship is that failure always leaves a hidden hint.

I have heard this quote “failure is key to success” for many times, but seldom had I realized how it would lead to success.

Every time I experienced failure, it always left me with one of the two contexts –

  1. Stress and Regret for my failure
  2. Hint to resolve this failure which could as well be the key to my success.

#1 is the default context I had usually operated from, owing to the frequent failures I had had in the last three years of my startup journey, which has changed my brain pattern to shift from #1 to #2.

How did this shift happen? I believe it is the acceptance of failures, with a constant drive of perseverance and passion towards the ideas for my startup.

Author: ganeshhs

11 years of overall experience in the Internet industry with specialization in internet application development and deployment Proven experience in building, leading and managing high performance, cross functional software engineering teams Hands on experience in CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, PHP, JS, Jquery, MySQL, CSS, HTML, ElasticSearch, Redis, Redis, AWS, Unix.

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